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At Michele’s is a place where people can come together, enjoy good food and drinks, entertainment, and one another. We hope to showcase the local talent in the performing and fine arts and wine industries, and to be the premiere spot to experience all the beauty that the Tri-Cities has to offer.



I have been a resident of the Tri-Cities for 39 years. Since Arriving in 1979, I have seen tremendous growth in this area. Wanting to be a part of that, I decided to purchase what had been Thomas O’Neill Winery. We have been under construction for the past two tears and have produced the most beautiful building in the Tri-Cities.

My early motivation was to showcase my extremely talented children. I have fifteen children and they are my most valued treasures.

My second motivation was to give the community something needed and deserved – a place where wonderful food and great entertainment can be enjoyed in a welcoming atmosphere.

I want to acknowledge the awesome team I have been blessed with and wish to thank from the bottom of my heart:

  • Jason Archibald architect, for his incredible design and engineering, and guidance throughout.
  • Cliff Thorne, CTC for the excellent job executing the vision and design and building the space we all imagined. Thank you for always being available and ready to problem solve.
  • Virginia Pitts designer, for the very beautiful restaurant, lounge, bar area, and private party room with amazing decor and art work in every room adding so much to the enjoyment of the space
  • Charlotte Delarue designer, for her thoughtful approach to the branding of the restaurant and event center with her logo and menu designs.

And to my manager, chef, and all who inhabit the restaurant daily so as to give a personal touch of elegance to all who walk through our doors, I am eternally grateful and excited to be a part of it all.

Thank you all truly for helping make a dream come true. I look forward to aiding in helping countless others realize their dreams with this important, brand new venue in the Tri-Cities.

– Michele Abrams


What People are Saying

“Atomosphere and Service Were Excellent”

Worth the price for sure. A nice lounge and live music aren’t that common on the Tri, and we had fun. We will definitely be back

Dave Trotter

“Expect this high end lounge in a big city”

Artwork and decor is awesome. Loved the “steampunk” themed bar next to the stage. Awesome place Michele!

Jaz Matharu

“Best food I’ve had in the Tri-Cities”

Or any other fine dining restaurant I’ve eaten at. Then to top it off there’s the unique setting and ambiance that you can’t find anywhere else…

Yert Yerts

“The owner, Michele, is heart felt and cares about her customers…”

The food has been fabulous. The visual presentation is eloquent…”

Cheri Gould-Snowhite

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5:00PM - 9:00PM


5:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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